An Overview of Our Programs

The Mitchell Institute offers Scholars a broad range of wraparound supports and resources during and after college to help them hone leadership skills, find and pursue career exploration opportunities, and develop networks that are vital to finding satisfying and purposeful work.

Through nearly three decades of experience and evidence-based research, we know that student success in college depends on more than money. Additional support and guidance during college increase Mitchell Scholars’ chances of attaining a degree, finding meaningful employment in Maine, and strengthening their communities long after college.

Here are the signature wraparound supports and programs available to all Mitchell Scholars free of charge:

Watch Mitchell Institute President and CEO Jared Cash, as well as Mitchell Scholars Jean-Daniel Liwanga, Emily Birdsall, and Tristan Seavey, explain to new Scholars why the Institute’s events and programs make the Mitchell Scholarship so much #morethanascholarship.